Acne – Introduction and background

Introduction and background

Acne, more commonly called as pimples, is a common problem faced by people of all ages, races and communities. With the advancement in technology, information is on the go. We can now download e-books and get as much information as we like to satiate our appetite for knowledge. And guess what, most of this stuff (if not all) comes absolutely free. On top of that, because of the advancements in social media, is has now become possible to actually address all stages and grades of acne problem and its solution while being within the comfort of your own home. For example:

  • You can now identify various signs and symptoms of the type of acne (with the help of online eBooks, images and articles)
  • You can also discover the grade and stage you are suffering from (by doing some simple online research)
  • You can also choose from some of the highly recommended online anti-acne kits or systems that can be potentially used to prevent or treat acne
  • Finally, you can confidently purchase and order “online” safe and effective supplement or best acne treatment system of your choice in an easy, secure and discrete way with 100% guarantee for your privacy

Let’s discover some more facts on how the advancements in IT can help us prevent or treat acne in the best possible way

Join online forums

There are several online forums where users of similar interests and passions interact with other on daily basis to share ideas and opinions. To find and join such a forum, you first need to search at goggle with the phrase of your choice. For example, you can start with something like “acne prevention forum” or “acne treatment forums”. Once you find a suitable group, you can then sign up and start posting your questions / topics. While it may take a while, once you get used to it, online acne forums will definitely help you finding people of similar signs and symptoms and share your own experiences of treatment with them.

Join Facebook groups / pages

With the Facebook being the most frequently used social medium for personal and collective interaction between friends, families and people of different backgrounds, the opportunities for finding the support and discussion groups for acne are numerous. It is, however, important to differentiate between Facebook pages and Facebook groups. Unlike Facebook pages, FB groups act as some sort of ‘discussion” forum where “anyone” can post. Group members can then discuss on a particular post and also share videos and images of their own choice. Facebook search option is also feasible for finding specific acne groups. For example, by searching with the phrase “herbal treatment for acne”, you can find a group where you can ask and discuss more about herbal prevention and treatment of acne. With FB pages, however, you actually need to “like” instead of joining. Once you “like” a particular acne group on Facebook, you will start receiving its posts / videos / images automatically on your own wall. While you can comment on a page, you can not actually share your own post through a page. For example, there is a page on FB with the name “All about Acne” about acne and acne treatment where group of health and medical professionals from Australia volunteer their time and expertise to provide first hand online information toe the acne sufferers. It aims to provide practical information about acne – its causes, consequences, and the best ways to deal with it. There are many other groups and pages, all working towards spreading awareness and providing a solution to those in need.

Twitter following

Unlike Facebook, the use of twitter is simple, easier and requires less time. You can search for the people who are posting (tweeting) about acne and can start following them with a single click. Alternatively, you can post your own news / experiences or findings and get a number of “followers” who want to discover more about your post.

YouTube Watching

Last but not least, YouTube is a great interactive audio-visual social medium to find out and understand more about a particular condition like acne. You can find a variety of videos and interactive presentations that actually explain the development and progression of acne, its causes and also present some of the recommended treatment modalities in an easy-to-understand manner. You can test the “credibility” or “popularity” of a specific video by checking the available statistics. For example, you can read the “comments” underneath, you can see the number of views” to determine how many users have watched this particular video and also compare the “liked” with “dislikes” to find if the video is really worth it.


All in all, no one likes marked or unclear skin and we all wish for a spotless radiant skin. Today’s social media provide a perfect opportunity and platform to educate yourself about any disease and also discover the best treatment modalities and remedies without even leaving the comfort of your home. Same goes true for acne as well where countless online opportunities are waiting for you in the form of Facebook, Twitters and YouTube.